Texas deserves someone managing our money who understands everyday Texans. We also need someone who understands smart spending.

My name is Janet Dudding, and I’m running for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

As a certified public accountant, I’ve spent my adult life auditing, accounting for, administering and investigating state and local governments and their grants, taxes, procurement, spending and reporting. In other words – I understand how the system works and how we could better utilize it to our advantage.

Right now we’re overpaying for services that don’t offer any real benefits. We’re paying $100M MORE in state taxes to DENY comprehensive mental healthcare. We’re letting our property taxes pick up the tab when indigent care becomes crisis care. We’re letting corporations skate on property tax giveaways.

We need to do better and spend smarter. Plain and simple.

When I look at the numbers, I see HUGE opportunity here in Texas. From healthcare to the environment, to creating jobs and new revenue streams – I’m qualified, care deeply, and ready to put in the work.

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