Hundreds participate in protest at Texas A&M as part of global climate strike

Sep 21, 2019
Megan Rodriguez

Janet Dudding, who is running for Texas House of Representatives District 14, was one of the speakers. Dudding encouraged A&M students to vote for people who will work to protect the environment.

“It’s not too late,” Dudding said. “We still have time, but we have to elect people who will do what we need them to do. There are about 70,000 students here. Y’all have an amazing voting block here. Y’all have power.”

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Dudding announces run for Texas House seat in District 14

Aug 31, 2019
Eagle Staff

“Texans deserve laws that reflect our values, laws that protect our planet and a woman who will represent all of us,” Dudding said in a press statement. “For years, Austin has slashed funding for community investments. At the same time, working families like ours are paying more in taxes while special interests make out like bandits. Austin needs a CPA who will hold politicians accountable and help realign the failed priorities of the Texas Legislature.”

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